Grow with IoT!

Environmental Friendly

For sustainable agriculture

A number of wishes related to agriculture:

If I could see the solid condition, I would be able to provide crops with the optimal amounts of water & fertilizer as needed.

If I could reduce the amount of work and increase the yield, I would be able to expand cultivation areas.

If I could obtain a stable yield even without experience and knowledge, I would be able to start working in agriculture.

If I could take off for one day,
I would be able to visit our grandchildren or children.
A number of wishes spring up day after day.

Grow with IoT! ZeRo.agri will support
to make your wishes.

What ZeRo.agri can do

ZeRo.agri controls the environment of the underground area that was previously unable to be seen. By combining information from various sensors, ZeRo.agri calculates and automatically delivers the optimal set of irrigation & fertigation amounts each day in accordance with the current crop conditions.

Users can monitor irrigation & fertigation activities on a tablet device. In addition, irrigation & fertigation amounts can be easily adjusted by tracing the tablet with your fingers. Various data is saved on the cloud that can be viewed at any time. It can also be referenced during cultivation in the following year.

The use of ZeRo.agri eliminates of the difficulty of nutriculture, and enables increasing the yield, while assuring quality.