The Challenges of Greenhouse Digital Farming

Product Quality Improvement

Perfect adjusting for Greenhouse Irrigating Fertilization is difficult. As a result, the cultivating amount and the quality vary greatly.

Big Scale Expansion

Crops cultivation, especially Fertilization Irrigating can have big effects on the produce. Therefore, even though times consuming most people feel that they need to do it themselves.

Gain technological expertise

Most cultivators usually rely on their senses gained from experience, to teach employees or their children. However, this tends to take time for instructing new cultivators.

The reasons for choosing "ZeRo.Agri"

Labor saving due to A.I. Fertilization Irrigating

Our A.I. system uses sensors to identify and automatically regulate the needs of crops most efficiently. Each produce is provided with the precise & adequate fertilizer amount. This reduces the workload up to 90%.

Get the most of Drip-Feed Cultivation

Supply crops stepwise with fertilizer and water passing through tubes and reduce plants stress caused by regular watering. Doing so, you can reduce the fertilizer and the water amount, maximizing the size of harvest and improving product quality.

1 device controls 6 systems

One ZeRo.Agri A.I. device is able to individually control up to 6 electromagnetic valves adjusting the amount of fertilizer. It can deal with different planting times for the same kind of produce or different types of plants providing individual care.

Small accurate adjustments by one button push

Compatible with any portable device allowing you to adjust Irrigation (liquid fertilizer level/crops supplying time). Use your experience and the cultivating sense you developed up to now.

The change towards experience amount data

Besides baking up the data of each sensor, the nitrogen introduction amount per stock, the liquid fertilizer supply amount and other values are also safely secured on the CLOWD. You can simply share Crops Information and also view the data later, for e.g. next year for the new crop.

Get Information you need by LINE notifications

If you add ZeRo.Agri to your LINE Friends List, you can receive useful cultivation Info all the time. You can also set LINE to get Emergency Alerts.

Our Services

Interview with Mr. Yamamoto ZeRo.Agri user, farmer from Kumamoto, Hachioji

The aims & goals of ZeRo.Agri

We are supporting Japans ageing farmers and also new farmers starting out. Worldwide, securing water resources as well as soil pollution are some of the big challenges we plan to face, creating and presenting solutions.