About ZeRo.agri

About ZeRo.agri

Focusing on the fact that the previously unseen solid conditions have a significant impact on crops, ZeRo.agri controls the solid conditions and distributes a fully automated supply of irrigation & fertigation according to crop growth status.

Most of greenhouses have finished grasping the aerial parts so far, leading to uniform management anywhere in the greenhouse. Using soil sensors inside the greenhouse, ZeRo.agri grasps the soil conditions by measuring the ground temperature, ground moisture (%) etc.

Moreover, by combining the information with the sunlight sensor outside the house and the soil sensors inside the house, ZeRo.agri calculates and automatically delivers the optimal set of irrigation & fertigation amounts in accordance with the current crop conditions. Provision of the optimal volume of irrigation & fertigation when the roots most efficiently absorb the culture solution leads to the improvement of yields.

Easier achievement of yield improvement, fertilizer reduction and even new farmers’ entry

Farmers in Rikuzentakata City that formerly used conventional methods of farming for cucumber cultivation have succeeded in dramatically increasing their yield after the introduction of ZeRo.agri. With the integration of experience and intuition cultivated by farmers and corroborative numerical values provided by ZeRo.agri, both yield increase and fertilizer reduction can be expected.
In addition, since ZeRo.agri automatically calculates and provides daily amounts of irrigation & fertigation to crops, it is easier for new farmers to manage. ZeRo.agri and also enables them to predict the same or greater yields as compared to experienced growers using drip fertigation.

Making the underground area transparent

Various data measured inside the house by sensors and the target ground moisture data as well as data on the volumes of culture solution supplied in accordance with the above are aggregated in the cloud.
In addition, users can view this data on a tablet device and grasp the situation through graphs at a glance.

Fast and easy change in culture solution supply

ZeRo.agri automatically calculates and determines the supply of culture solution using the information provided from a soil sensor, sunlight sensor and temperature/humidity sensor. In addition, users can easily change the irrigation & fertigation amounts from the tablet device's ZeRo.agri screen by tracing the tablet with the fingers, which enables users to avoid problems and complications such as an on-site timer setting.
Since the changes of the irrigation & fertigation amounts are accumulated in the cloud, they can also be referenced and used in the in the following year.

Equipped with Remote Photo Viewing with Comments

Greenhouse photos, once captured by a tablet device and uploaded onto our Big Data cloud, can be displayed on the ZeRo.agri screen with comments from the farmer. These functions provide users with visual references for day-to-day or year-to-year crop growth tracking, which can be used when consulting with agricultural extension agent.

Proven at Kurokawa Farm of Meiji University

The numerical values that determine the optimal irrigation & fertigation amounts are based on the calculation formula created under the supervision of Specially Appointed Professor Ozawa of Meiji University. ZeRo.agri comprehensively judges the measured values from individual sensors and the current crop conditions to determine the irrigation & fertigation amounts. Moreover, we actually cultivated a variety of crops and conducted verification testing at Kurokawa Farm of Meiji University.

Significant reduction of work hours

Since the use of ZeRo.agri can significantly reduce work hours, farmers are able to work toward further quality improvement.

With one unit, six separate farming tracts of crops, varieties and cultivation periods can be controlled

With one unit of ZeRo.agri, users can control six separate farming tracts and provide irrigation & fertigation individually. Since one unit of ZeRo.agri can manage up to six soil sensors and electro-magnetic valves, a variety of usage methods are possible such as six separate farming tracts in a single house or six houses. Therefore, the system can handle crops of different varieties or cultivation periods.

ZeRo.agri Specifications

System configuration
Product Amount
Filters 2
Flow Meter 1
Liquid Fertilizer Injectors 2
Electro-magnetic Valves 2
Controler 1
Solar Radiation Sensor 1
Soil Sensor 1
3G WiFi Router 1
Temperature Sensor(Optional) -
Wired LAN(optional) -
Requisite Environment for Functioning
General Environment Temperature: 0℃ - 50℃
Moisture: Under80%(It is important that there will not be any condensation)
Size Breadth(900mm) X Depth (370mm) X Height (1800mm) *1
Power-supply AC100V; Maximum of 20W
Choice of Liquid Fertilizers 2 types maximum
Requisite Water Pressure Total head: over 24m *2
Maximum Liquid Flow 41.6 liters per minute

*1 Separately, a certain space for installing liquid-fertilizer tanks will be required.
*2 Requisite water-pressure will vary depending on Green-house specifications, such as irrigation area.